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Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Right (EMDHR)

About the EMDHR

Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Right (EMDHR) is an autonomous and non-profit civic movement. It is independent of any government, political affiliation, economic interest or religion. It is founded in December 2003 by Eritreans in the Republic of South Africa in response to the absence of civil and democratic rights of citizens and lack of rule of law in Eritrea. The EMDHR believes that a sustainable democracy, rule of law and respect of human and democratic rights can only be achieved through non-violent, indigenous and positive reform based on full comprehension, awareness and participation of the general public. It mobilize Eritreans join their efforts in order to realize their dreams of sustainable democracy and lasting peace in Eritrea and the Horn of Africa.


The vision of EMDHR is a free, justice, democratic, peaceful and prosperous Eritrea that values and protects the rights and equality of its citizens and everyone who lives in it. 


The mission of EMDHR is to defend and promote the values of human rights, as established in relevant international instruments and covenants, and advance democratic change, rule of law, and constitutionalism in Eritrea with the ultimate aim of building a society in which citizens exercise their basic rights and live in peace, dignity and prosperity.


The EMDHR adheres to the following values and principles in all its activities:

          Constructive criticism




          Equality and equity

          Accountability and responsibility

          Respect and tolerance

          Self-reliance and solidarity



The principal objectives of EMDHR are to:

       Advance the establishment of constitutional democratic dispensation in Eritrea through non-violent means; stand for the protection of the fundamental rights of Eritrean citizens, such as the freedom of conscience, expression, association and assembly;

   Advocate for the release of all Eritrean  prisoners of conscience,  document and litigate any abuse of human rights or crimes against humanity perpetrated by governments, organizations, individuals and others;

     Mobilize all Eritreans to take agency in effecting democratic change in their country; organize peaceful protest demonstration and civil disobedience; Mobilize Eritreans living inside and outside of Eritrea for the accomplishment of the Movement’s mission;

       Initiate and conduct public dialogues, discussions and debates on relevant issues to advance public education about all aspects of democratic rights and systems; publish important research papers on democracy and human rights with the aim of promoting peace and reconciliation in Eritrea;

       Closely follow and collaborate with other Eritrean organizations to advocate the safety and security of Eritreans all over the world;

        Assist Eritreans outside the country with legal asylum processes, education opportunities, and access and provisions of other social services;

       Establish relations with national and international organizations, governments, non-Governmental Organizations, and prominent individuals in order to mobilize support to accomplish the mission of the Movement.

        Promote the establishment of associations such as women, youth, and business, professional and social groups; promote cultural values of Eritrean communities in exile.