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Major Previous Projects
  1. Radio Broadcasting (2006-2010), Radio Meselna-Delina: a satellite radio broadcasted from South Africa to Eritrea and online to over a million Eritreans in the Diaspora. It was broadcasted in collaboration with Tesfa-Delina Foundation. It run for four years through the contribution, dedication, and collaboration of EMDHR members and partner organisations.

  2. Manual: published a manual in Tigrigna with a title Bidho-Antsar-Atehasasbana (Challenging Our Perceptions) (2006) on active non-violent struggle against dictatorship. It provides readers with the 189 tools of the non-violent means to challenge the dictatorial rule in Eritrea. It was distributed both inside Eritrea and in exile, and it was widely accepted by the Eritrean public and became an inspiration for many Eritrean organisations to adopt a non-violent strategy.

  3. Meseley (My Right) Magazine: the EMDHR launched a Tigrigna magazine in 2006 when it was published monthly. It served the Eritrean public an alternative source of information and inspiration to both understand what is happening to our country and express their views freely. Due to lack of funds the Magazine is now reduced to a newsletter which is published every two months in South Africa and distributed globally including inside Eritrea.

  4. Mobilization: the EMDHR has been at the fore front of mobilising Eritrean youths to resist the dictatorial rule in Eritrea. As a result it was able to recruit more than 2000 members around the world including inside Eritrea. This work continues through the commitment of our members who conduct door to door or work place campaigns, public seminars, publishing of leaflets, T-shirts, protest actions, etc.

  5. Assisting Eritrea asylum seekers and refugees: the EMDHR provided legal assistance to thousands of Eritreans who sought asylum in South Africa, the US, European countries, and Australia. This work continues as the flow of people from Eritrea continue at a much higher rate.

  6. Hosting workshops and conferences: we have hosted countless workshops over the years since our establishment in 2004. Recently we hosted a high-level workshop from 09-11 May 2014 in Pretoria where prominent Eritreans from the US, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Botswana, and South Africa presented papers. The workshop came out with a declaration stating that the status quo is not sustainable and change should be demanded. Consequently, different task teams were formed to accelerate the work that needs to be done to achieve the goals of the Pretoria Declaration. 

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