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EMDHR Statement Regarding Extreme Violence

Since last year, we have been witnessing the extreme violence of Eritreans against their fellow compatriots to the point of losing lives, limbs and livelihoods. Last week’s incident in Holland is a continuation of the trend. The Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) is extremely concerned about these extreme violent incidents. We appeal to all Eritreans who are involved in one way or another to come to their senses and think twice before these violent incidents regrettably spiral out of control. We politely ask for restraint and ponder upon the below points:

  • Whether we like it or not, regardless of our ideologies or political views and beliefs, first of all we all are Eritreans. We fall together and rise together, let’s remind ourselves that we have a common destiny.

  • We have one common enemy who is making us extinct - the Isaias regime. The regime’s supporters or change seekers are not our enemies. 

  • We shouldn’t infringe on our fellow compatriot’s rights when defending our rights.

  • We need to use persuasion and use legal mechanisms rather than name calling and violence to achieve our goals.

  • We need to also think of the repercussions that come from such violence and how this will impact the Eritrean community in the Netherlands and other European countries.

  • We need to have a long term plan for our struggle and using violence will compromise the kind of change that we want to see a prosperous, democratic and Eritrea governed by the rule of law


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